Eastern Point Consulting Group, Inc.

Examples of Recent Consultations


  • Eastern Point conducted a diversity retention study for a 65,000 employee, global pharmaceutical company. The study was presented to the Retention Team and the Diversity Steering Committee. The report revealed the changes needed to enable the organization to become an employer of choice. The Executive Committee approved all recommendations developed by Eastern Point.

  • In a large East Coast health care organization, Eastern Point consulted to each location's diversity committee, customized diversity training for six facilities, and provided one-day diversity training programs for approximately 5,000 employees. The focus was on specific diversity concerns at each location. The result was an improved ability for departments to work together, for employees to serve their customers with greater efficiency and respect, and for managers to manage more effectively across age, gender and cultural differences.

  • Eastern Point was asked to provide consultation and training to a 10,000 employee financial institution headquartered in two cities with over 75 branch offices. We delivered training to five different business lines at ten locations within a one-month period. In addition, we provided consultation to twelve business lines for two years.


  • A leading market research corporation requested that Eastern Point set up a mentoring program. Eastern Point conducted mentor/protégé interviews, analyzed the data, designed and delivered customized seminars for the mentors. Follow-up interviews indicated the mentoring program a success by the number of protégé successes and promotions occurring in the following year.

  • A major national law firm requested that Eastern Point design and deliver a mentor training program to replace its advising program. The mentors created a structure for developing the associates; the protégés had access to information they needed. Retention was impacted positively.

  • A large financial institution retained Eastern Point to focus on cross-functional mentoring to increase opportunities of the high-potential employees. The goal was not only realized but also surpassed; retention and commitment increased throughout the institution.

Executive Coaching

  • A senior executive at a major bank was concerned about perceptions regarding his management style. Through intensive executive coaching he gained not only insight but also strategies to proactively build his image.

  • A senior manager in a hi-tech company was viewed as intimidating by his peers and direct reports. Executive coaching gave this manager the skills necessary to empower his direct reports and influence peers without intimidation, coercion or extreme aggressiveness.

  • Two female attorneys from the legal department of a major bank in Boston requested the assistance of Eastern Point when their working relationship deteriorated significantly. One, an African American junior counsel, indicated racism as the key issue. The senior counsel, a white woman who served as head of their practice group, cited miscommunication as key. Eastern Point consulted with the two attorneys separately and together. The results were greater awareness for both and an improved professional relationship.

  • A senior manager in a national not-for-profit organization was experiencing difficulties managing her staff who were resisting her leadership. With executive coaching this manager was able to develop strategies that would help her manage effectively and create teams to plan and implement changes needed in her organization.

  • A senior manager in a manufacturing company was troubled by the perception of women that he held them to a different standard than their male colleagues. Executive coaching gave this manager insight into both gender dynamics as well as the verbal and non-verbal messages he was unintentionally sending to the women.

Leadership/Professional Development

  • A Fortune 500 manufacturing company retained Eastern Point to address and improve the leadership of senior women within the organization. Eastern Point met with women independently and in groups. We designed and led a series of leadership training programs. Promotions over the year reflected the success of the consultation.

  • A major investment bank requested that Eastern Point conduct an audit of the organization in order to determine whether and to what degree women's leadership development was being encouraged. On the basis of both quantitative and qualitative data, Eastern Point wrote a report with recommendations to the Operating Committee. One result of the consultation was the design and delivery of training programs for all divisions to heighten awareness and understanding of gender dynamics within the firm and to develop women's leadership.

Attrition Analysis and Retention Strategies

  • A global pharmaceutical company was concerned about the attrition of women and minorities. Eastern Point surveyed a representative sample of employees, including regretted losses, and presented the Findings along with recommendations to the Diversity Committee.

  • A major financial institution was concerned about higher levels of attrition in certain business lines. Eastern Point partnered with the Human Resources and Information Technology departments to coordinate the gathering of data necessary to analyze attrition by race, gender, tenure, and business line. In addition, Eastern Point conducted interviews of regretted losses for additional insight.

Human Resources Strategies

  • A global company with offices worldwide asked Eastern Point to provide consultation to create alignment among local, regional, and global operations focused on divisional priorities and workforce goals and objectives. Eastern Point conducted an organizational assessment and, working in partnership with the client, created a report for senior management articulating "a design for change."

  • In response to requests by a major New York law firm, Eastern Point analyzed the administrative side of the firm consisting of over 1,000 non-legal personnel and designed initiatives to ensure greater performance and productivity.

  • A fast growing start-up was concerned that its structure and policies and practices were over-grown and ineffective. Eastern Point provided organizational development consultation which created structure that could grow with the company and reinforce the agility and flexibility necessary for a hyper-growth.

Team Building

  • Eastern Point provided facilitation and direction to a leading regional bank's Diversity Leadership Team. The team, 20 individuals representing a cross-section of roles and functional areas, met regularly for two years. Eastern Point's involvement facilitated a high level of collaboration among team members, resulting in significant accomplishments recognized throughout the bank.

  • Eastern Point designed a comprehensive team-building plan for a major east coast semiconductor manufacturer. We assessed the initial status of the teams. Following the assessment, we facilitated off-site retreats, team development meeting for executives, and employee action teams. As a final step in the project, we developed training programs for managers and employees and train-the-trainer materials on peak performance.

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