Eastern Point Consulting Group, Inc.

Diversity Training Programs

Each training program designed and delivered by Eastern Point is customized to fit the culture and meet the objectives of the client. We design programs that meet the needs of individuals at different levels in the organization and recognize the range of Diversity awareness and skill level. Our programs are fast moving, highly interactive and can be full day, half-day, or hour-long discussion forums. Below is a list of some of our Diversity training programs:

Appropriate for Senior Executives/Diversity Committees:

  • Biannual Forums for Senior Executives: Articulating the Diversity Vision for the Organization
  • Managing Diversity Action Plans
  • Leveraging Diversity for Intact Work Groups
  • Directing Organizational Diversity Initiatives
  • Executive Coaching to support Diversity

Appropriate for Managers:

  • Interviewing Skills to Support Diversity
  • Using a Diversity Lens for Successful Recruitment and Retention
  • Integrating New Hires into the Workplace
  • Managing Conflict within a Diverse Workforce
  • Creating an Environment for Everyone's success
  • Cross-Cultural Training and Coaching Skills
  • Managing a Diverse Workforce vs. A Traditional Workforce
  • Conducting Performance Appraisals for a Diverse Staff
  • Inclusion and Exclusion in Organizations
  • Leveraging Diversity for Intact Work Groups
  • Quarterly Diversity Discussion Forums for Managers:
  • Case Studies from Today's Workplace
  • Understanding Dimensions of Difference at Work
  • Exploring the Leading Edge
  • Managing for the Future: Critical Skills for Managers of Diverse Teams
  • Dialogues on Diversity for Managers
  • Team Building with Diversity
  • Leveraging Diversity across Departmental Lines
  • Appropriate for All Employees:

    • Building Diversity Awareness
    • Communication Strategies to Support Diversity
    • Customer Service Communication Skills to Achieve Quality
    • Quarterly Discussion Forums: Understanding Dimensions of Difference at Work
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