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360 Degree Feedback and Upward Evaluations for Law Firms

360 degree feedback and upward evaluations are effective tools for professional development of managers and supervisors. 360-degree feedback provides an individual with specific input regarding managerial strengths and developmental areas from the perspective of direct reports, supervisors and colleagues. Upward evaluations (also known as 180-degree feedback) provide input from the perspective of direct reports. The feedback from 360ís and upward evaluations enable managers and supervisors to focus on the skills and competencies required to strengthen managerial performance.

Our 360-Degree Feedback and Upward Evaluation Experience

  • Eastern Point is certified in the Center for Creative Leadership's Executive Dimensions and Benchmarks and is experienced in effectively utilizing these instruments.
  • We have partnered with other organizations to develop 360-degree assessments and upward evaluations that are customized to particular law firms and their objectives.
  • Eastern Point has provided management consultation and training services to over 50 major, multi-office law firms, and we understand the complexities and dynamics of law firms today.

Our Approach to 360-Degree Feedback and Upward Evaluations

  • Eastern Point recognizes the value 360-degree feedback and upward evaluations have in the professional development and continued advancement of attorneys and staff.
  • Following a review of the findings of the 360-degree feedback or upward evaluation, Eastern Point assists individuals with the development and implementation of a professional development plan. Further Executive Coaching is also available.
  • Eastern Point utilizes many instruments and techniques to assess management and supervisory effectiveness and make recommendations for enhanced performance.
  • We ensure the consultation is in alignment with the firm's culture and meets its strategic objectives.

Our 360-Degree Feedback and Upward Evaluation Services

  • 360 degree evaluations customized to your firm and its objectives
  • Upward evaluations (often referred to as 180 degree evaluations) customized to your firm and its objectives
  • Center for Creative Leadership Executive Dimensions and Benchmarks 360 degree assessments
  • Executive Coaching
  • Management Development Programs
  • Mentoring Programs
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