Eastern Point Consulting Group, Inc.

Competency Based Programs for the Professional Development of Associates and Junior Partners

Eastern Point Consulting Group's experience with law firms has provided us valuable insight into the benefit of effective competency based programs for attorneys. Competency based programs identify the skills and experiences associates and junior partners need for successful performance at every level of their professional development.

Eastern Point works with the firm to develop a process which engages the leadership of departments and practice areas to define expectations for different levels. This process may include providing the firm with competency templates and identifying how the competencies are outlined and clearly communicated. The result of this firm-wide effort is department specific competencies with firm-wide consistency for developmental opportunities.

Benefits of a competency based program include:

  • Create greater clarity of firm and practice group expectations.
  • Define what "step up to the next level" means.
  • Engage attorneys in their ongoing career development.
  • Enhance the professional experience of associates and junior partners.
  • Increase retention of attorneys.
  • Develop strong internal resources.
  • Create greater morale and commitment of associates and junior partners within the firm.

Eastern Point works closely with each firm to develop a competency based program that is effective and meets the objectives of the firm. We will utilize our experience with law firms and our knowledge of best practices to help the firm develop a competency based program which:

  • Identifies appropriate milestones for each level of an associate's and junior partner's professional development.
  • Defines department/practice area specific competencies by level.
  • Identifies training and development resources which link to competencies.
  • Provides resources that allow each attorney to identify developmental opportunities and direction.
  • Creates link, when possible, to assignment and work distribution systems and practices.
  • Provides flexibility, as appropriate.
  • Is clearly communicated to all members of the firm.
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