Eastern Point Consulting Group, Inc.

Examples of Recent Consultations — Law Firms


  • Eastern Point completed a Diversity Audit for a multi-office, international law firm to determine the current state of diversity. Eastern Point interviewed both legal and non-legal staff. The findings provided information to support the Diversity Committee's initiatives and the design of a training program which was delivered to everyone in the firm. The Diversity Audit also provided individualized site data which was utilized to customize training programs for the various sites. The Diversity Audit provided a base line for measuring progress in the diversity initiative which is continuing.

  • Eastern Point provided consultation to a law firm with offices throughout the Mid-Atlantic region regarding recruitment and retention of attorneys of color. Consultation to the Diversity Committee also included development of a Charter for the Committee, and the development of a document outlining the business implications of diversity for the firm.

  • Eastern Point provided consultation to a major law firm based in California, with offices across the US. The consultation was focused on inclusion of minority attorneys and the development of retention strategies.

  • Eastern Point conducted two Diversity Audits for a mid-sized, multi-office law firm with offices in the United States and abroad. Eastern Point first interviewed partners to determine the status of diversity. The second Diversity Audit was completed in one U. S. office. The result was an improvement in associate-partner communications, addressed in the follow-up training program.


  • A major national law firm requested that Eastern Point design and deliver a mentor training program to replace its advising program. The mentors created a structure for developing the associates; the mentees had access to information they needed. Retention was impacted positively.

  • A large national law firm retained Eastern Point to focus on mentoring for new associates and laterals. The goal was to integrate them into the firm's culture and offer developmental opportunities so that retention of high performing attorneys was increased. The firm increased the retention rate and, also, the quality of professional relationships. Commitment to the firm was enhanced.

  • A major multi-office firm had difficulty acculturating lateral associates to the firm's unique culture. Eastern Point designed a lateral advising program to help integrate lateral associates effectively. This program also benefited lateral partners.

  • A firm with offices in seven cities asked Eastern Point to design a new Mentoring Program that provided flexibility by office as well as consistency across the firm. Results included more active participation in the Mentoring Program and greater satisfaction of participants.

Executive Coaching

  • A partner in a law firm was viewed as overly intimidating by his peers and associates. Executive coaching gave this attorney the skills necessary to empower others and influence peers without intimidation, coercion or extreme aggressiveness.

  • The executive partner of a major New York law firm found executive coaching by Eastern Point useful. He said the coaching was advantageous for talking about management related issues with an outsider who was an expert in both organizational development and law firms.

  • Two female attorneys from the legal department of a major bank in Boston requested the assistance of Eastern Point when their working relationship deteriorated significantly. One, an African American junior counsel, indicated racism as the key issue. The senior counsel, a white woman who served as head of their practice group, cited miscommunication as key. Eastern Point consulted with the two attorneys separately and together. The results were greater awareness for both and an improved professional relationship.

  • The hiring partner of a law firm suggested to a female candidate that the firm might not be a good place for her if she were having a family. Executive coaching helped him become more aware of his assumptions and stereotypes relative to gender. In addition, Eastern Point reviewed with him legal guidelines of the interview process to ensure he was in compliance with employment law.

  • A senior partner at a national law firm was concerned about perceptions regarding his management style. Through executive coaching, he gained not only insight, but also strategies to proactively build his image.

Professional Development for Attorneys

  • Eastern Point was asked to assess an existing competency based model for associates in a major law firm. Associates and partners were interviewed in order to determine what needed to be modified. All recommendations made by Eastern Point were approved and implemented. A Mentoring Program was designed to support the revised competency based model.

  • A large international law firm requested Eastern Point's assistance with the training and development of professional staff. Eastern Point designed a program which included multiple workshops to address the management and supervision issues faced by the firm.

  • Eastern Point was contacted by a midsized law firm for assistance with the professional development of associates. We worked with the firm to design a plan that included a review of the firm's performance evaluation process, and the implementation of a career development process, that targeted specific competencies for associates as they advanced through the firm.

Law Firm Retreats

  • A large multi-office law firm asked Eastern Point to design and facilitate its yearly partner retreat. Eastern Point worked with the firm's retreat coordinator to plan a retreat that included educational programs as well as team building activities.

  • Eastern Point conducted a retreat with the partners of a mid-sized firm to discuss how to enhance communication between partners and associates. Subcommittees were formed to focus on different aspects of communication. Results of our work were seen the following year through both retention statistics and the hiring process.

Attrition Analysis and Retention Strategies

  • A West Coast based law firm requested Eastern Point's assistance to conduct an attrition analysis and develop recommendations for increased retention of associates. Eastern Point reviewed data for five years in order to conduct a trend analysis and reported the Findings to the Executive Committee. All recommendations made by Eastern Point were approved and implemented by the firm.

  • A global law firm was concerned about the attrition of women and minorities. Eastern Point conducted both qualitative and quantitative analysis in order to ascertain causes and to design appropriate remedies. The Diversity Committee continues to make progress in this area.

  • A major law firm in the mid-Atlantic was concerned about the retention of women partners. Eastern Point met with all women partners as well as partners who had left the firm in the last 5 years. A day long program was designed for all women partners to review the Findings and determine an appropriate action plan. Subcommittees that were established as the result of Eastern Point's involvement continue and provide leadership to the firm on gender related matters.

Human Resource Strategies

  • Eastern Point is frequently asked to assist law firms with EEO related complaints. We conduct investigations and coach partners, associates, and staff on modifying inappropriate behavior.

Assignment Systems: Best Practices

  • Eastern Point provided consultation to a large international law firm who felt their assignment system was utilized unevenly by different practice areas with unintended results for some associates. Eastern Point reviewed and recommended revisions to the firm's assignment system, including the implementation of a fast track program for high potential associates.

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