Eastern Point Consulting Group, Inc.

Harassment Prevention

Eastern Point provides consultation and training for harassment prevention, investigation of harassment and discrimination complaints and related train-the-trainer programs. Clients receive consultation that is current and grounded in Eastern Point's knowledge of best practices.

Harrassment prevention services include:

  • Review and/or revise existing harassment prevention policies and procedures.
  • Recommend policy and procedure changes in alignment with local, state and federal laws.
  • Develop harassment prevention policies and procedures that are clear and understandable for employees, managers and human resource professionals.
  • Draft policies which include zero tolerance for retaliation in any form.
  • Recommend effective ways to communicate the policies and procedures and for reporting and resolving issues to all employees.
  • Design and deliver training for individuals responsible for investigating harassment issues.
  • Design and deliver harassment prevention training for managers and employees.
  • Design and deliver harassment prevention train-the-trainer programs to build in-house capacity.

Eastern Point's experience helps clients identify the best way to prevent harassment in all forms. Communication regarding the organization's values and policies, clarity regarding complaint and investigation procedures and consistency regarding appropriate behavior in the workplace leads to an harassment free work enviroment.

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