Eastern Point Consulting Group, Inc.

Richard F. Doran

Richard F. Doran is Senior Consultant at Eastern Point Consulting Group, Inc. a management consulting firm specializing in helping organizations manage change effectively. Eastern Point offers expertise in the management of diversity, mentoring, partner retreats, and strategic change management.

Richard has thirty years of experience in the field of Human Resource Management. Mr. Doran has managed internal Human Resource departments in large corporations such as Digital Equipment Corporation and Ben &Jerry's Homemade Inc. He has been an external consultant to many large oil corporations such as Exxon, Mobil, and Conoco, as well as to food companies such as Hannaford, and Wild Oats grocery chains.

Some of Richard's particular areas of expertise lie in the areas of conflict management and in the area of diversity. He has partnered with unions at companies such as Atlantic Electric, Winchester Rifles, and Ben & Jerry's to bring about change for all levels within the organization.

Richard has also partnered with a leading turn-around specialist in three different companies. This process included an organizational assessment, consultation and reorganization of senior management, and the design and implementation of a new organizational structure.

He has designed and delivered diversity awareness programs to colleges, universities, non-profit organizations, religious organizations, police departments and financial institutions. He has also provided consultation to high-level political figures in a number of different cities and states regarding diversity issues.

Richard takes pride in being able to work with all levels in the organization. He feels that success is accomplished when the changes identified in the organizational assessment are accomplished.


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