Eastern Point Consulting Group, Inc.

The Eastern Point Team

Eastern Point Consulting Group offers a team of consultants and trainers that is diverse across many dimensions including but not limited to, knowledge, experience, and background. Our team is comprised of professionals with expertise in business, psychology, human resources, law, education, and multi-cultural studies. In addition, Eastern Point consultants are certified to deliver programs and instruments from Myers-Briggs, the Center for Creative Leadership, Blessing-White, the Forum Corporation, Zenger-Miller, DDI, and NTL. This diversity and our wealth of experience and expertise, has resulted in the creation of a high performance team that will provide creative and innovative solutions to your business challenges.

Katie Herzog, President
Yvonne Alverio, Senior Consultant
Robert Awkward, Senior Consultant
Richard Doran, Senior Consultant
Bill Friedman, Senior Consultant
Joe Goodman, Senior Consultant
Jacqueline Landau, Senior Consultant
Nancy Lawrence, Senior Consultant
Mary MacMahon, Senior Vice President
Kim McCummings, Executive Vice President
Michele Rocray, Senior Consultant
Robert N. Wallace III, Senior Consultant

At Eastern Point, our vision extends to the horizon; we help our clients see great distance with clarity
To find out more about Eastern Point, please visit our contact form, email , or call (617) 965-4141.