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Nancy C. Lawrence

Nancy Lawrence is Senior Consultant at Eastern Point Consulting Group Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in helping organizations manage change effectively. Eastern Point offers expertise in the management of diversity, organizational development and strategic change management.

Ms. Lawrence, an organization development consultant with over twenty years of experience, specializes in organizational development, diversity, and executive coaching. The focus of her work is to increase effectiveness and productivity by improving relationships across cultures, genders, ages, physical abilities, sexual orientations, and personal styles. She analyzes leadership and management within organizations and develops recommendations for enhanced performance.

Several examples of Ms. Lawrence's work include:

  • A top tier Midwestern liberal arts college conducted an extensive review of its president. Ms. Lawrence designed both the individual interview protocol for department directors, college deans, and senior managers and interview questionnaires for the professorial staff and selected students. She interviewed the individuals, analyzed the data from both the interviews and questionnaires, and submitted a written report to the Board of Trustees. The results were utilized to provide feedback to the president for strengths and areas for development and thus enhance leadership for the college and its future.
  • A Fortune 500 telecommunications company decided to develop a diversity program throughout its national legal division to assist inter-and intra- departmental work relationships, as well as to enhance and develop relationships with clients. Ms. Lawrence facilitated diversity seminars nationally. The topics were: Developing Synergistic Relationships Among Men and Women, Cross Cultural and Cross Functional High Performance Team Building, Working with Differences in Age and Physical Ability, and Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills for the Manager of a Multicultural Workforce.
  • The directors of a primary care health center division of an internationally known health care facility needed assistance in becoming a leadership team. Ms. Lawrence interviewed each member, analyzed the results, designed, and facilitated a series of day-long meeting. The results were that the group was able to coalesce as a team and effectively solve the problems facing them.
  • A subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson was having difficulty instituting Quality Improvement throughout the organization. Ms. Lawrence assisted the Director of Quality Improvement and worked with his team to design a series of training seminars to acculturate new hires into the company. She also trained a group of in-house managers to facilitate the seminars. One key result was improved communication between employees and their customers, both internal and external.
  • Ms. Lawrence has provided consultation to a liberal arts college for three years, assisting them with the management of diversity, the development of faculty and staff, and increased college/community interaction.

Ms. Lawrence earned an M.S. in Organization Development from American University in a program jointly sponsored by the NTL Institute. She was awarded the Hal Kellner Diversity Award by faculty and colleagues for her significant contribution illuminating the impact of socio-economic factors in a diverse world. Ms. Lawrence has also been an educator for students of all ages, elementary through higher education. Ms. Lawrence was a recent President of the Board of Directors of the Cambridge YWCA and continues work in diversity with the YWCA.


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