Mentoring Training and Consultation to Corporations

Our Mentoring Experience

  • Eastern Point has designed and implemented successful consultation and training on Mentoring for over 20 years.
  • Eastern Point is recognized as a leader in the field of mentoring and we are frequently asked to speak on the subject.

Our Approach to Mentoring

  • We focus on the development of a Mentoring Program that is effective and sustainable.
  • We customize each program to fit the organization's culture and meet its strategic objectives.
  • We develop a moderately structured program that encourages success in the mentor-mentee relationship by providing clarity of roles, responsibilities, and expectations.
  • We build into each Mentoring Program a follow up process to increase participation and accountability.

Mentor Program Services

  • Evaluate existing Mentor Program for success and effectiveness.
  • Conduct Environmental Assessment to understand the needs and expectations of a Mentoring Program.
  • Develop communication to support the Mentoring Program.
  • Design and deliver Mentor Training.
  • Design and deliver Mentor Program Orientation Session.
  • Design and deliver Mentor Program follow-up and debrief sessions.
  • Develop benchmarks and metrics to evaluate the success of the program.


Examples of Recent Mentoring Consultations