Eastern Point Consulting Group, Inc.

Assignment Systems: Best Practices

Eastern Point has provided consultation to over 50 major, multi-office law firms and we understand the complexities and dynamics of law firms today. We have assisted many firms strengthen and enhance their assignment system for the benefit of attorneys, clients, and the firm. In providing this consultation Eastern Point will:

  • Conduct sophisticated analysis of the firm's current assignment process and identify areas that are effective and those that provide opportunity for change.
  • Utilize our extensive knowledge of best practices to make recommendations that fit the culture and achieve the strategic objectives of the firm.
  • Work with the firm to implement the desired changes in a manner that maximizes effectiveness and sustainability, and minimizes potential backlash.

We recognize that each firm's assignment system is unique and often strongly embedded in the history and culture of the firm. We work closely with each client to make changes that produce the desired results and are appropriate to the firm, culture, and the practice of law today.


Examples of Recent Assignment Systems Consultations

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