Attrition Analysis and Retention Strategies for Law Firms

Our Attrition Analysis and Retention Strategies Experience

  • Eastern Point recognizes the impact unwanted attrition has on law firms in terms of replacement costs and client impact.
  • We have provided management consultation and training services to over 50 multi-office law firms, and we understand the complexities and dynamics of law firms today.
  • Our methodology provides insightful and valuable data that enables us to make recommendations that are focused and cost effective.

Our Approach to Attrition Analysis and Retention Strategies

  • We work closely with each client to understand and define the objectives of the attrition analysis.
  • We provide consultation regarding appropriate qualitative and quantitative data that will be most helpful in meeting their intended objectives.
  • We provide an analysis of the data which includes most significant findings and recommendations which address the firm's challenges.
  • We customize all consultations to ensure recommendations regarding retention strategies fit with the culture and meet the needs and objectives of the firm.

Attrition Analysis and Retention Strategies Services

  • 5 year trend analysis
  • Breakdown and analysis of turnover by race, gender, practice area, level, and office (where applicable).
  • Formulas for calculating cost of attrition.
  • Development and implementation of programs, policies, and practices to reduce unwanted turnover including, but not limited to:
  • Diversity Training
  • Mentor Programs
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Employee and Management Development
  • Upward Evaluations
  • Exit Interview Protocols
  • Insight gathered from interviews with identified "Regretted Losses".
  • Consultation regarding data systems which support the collection of accurate and meaningful data for ongoing attrition analysis.

For more information, please see the July 2003 Horizons Article "Attrition: It's More Than Just Numbers"


Examples of Recent Attrition Analysis and Retention Strategies Consultations